The Alise Chicago - A Staypineapple Hotel - Chicago, Illinois, 60602, USA

The Naked Experience by Staypineapple Hotels

We Care What Touches You

Kids have blankies, adults have The Naked Experience™. Intimate, secure, you feel safe and uninhibited. A place you trust you can bare it all.

The Naked Experience™ is more than just bedding. We care what touches you and we want you to be as uninhibited as you are in your own home.

We love doing laundry! That’s why we wash everything that touches you. Our obsession doesn’t stop there so we created:

  • Individual duvets folded in European style so you don’t have to wrestle for covers
  • “Sleep with me” comfort pillows worry-free, fresh for snuggling (like a clean blankie, but you’re an adult)
  • Bigger than you expected, non-scratchy, soft and fluffy towels
  • Signature lightweight, comfy robes for when you have to answer the door
  • Slippers you will want (and can) take home with you


Staypineapple in Chicago